Why use Horses as part of the Treatment Team of Psychotherapy and Learning?

As we provide access to equine assisted therapy and equine assisted learning while working with mental health and behavioral health specialist, we welcome those wanting to achieve mental wellness in the environment of working with the treatment team; mental health professional, equine specialist, horse, and client (s).

We can work with the following and their mental or behavorial health professionals:

  • Military, Veterans and their families
  • Nonprofits serving families, children, youth, and those seeking treatment with chemical dependency
  • Mental health and behavioral health professionals and their clients.


What We Offer

Equine assisted psychotherapy (EAP) and equine assisted learning (EAL) is an emerging type of therapy where the horse is implement in a session, thus becoming a metaphor during treatment.  Sessions are brought from an office setting to the arena and the client gets to interact with the horses during the session while working with the mental or behavorial health professional, and equine specialist.

These activities are performed on the ground (rather than riding).  A session may include such things as grooming, feeding, haltering, leading the horse and perform exercises as directed by the treatment team. The client and treatment team engage in talk therapy, process feelings, patterns, and behaviors that are brought up during the sessions.  The session promotes an environment to achieve treatment goals such as assertiveness, self-confidence, self-control and non-verbal communication.​

​​​​Horse and humans are social; both establish defined roles within their perspective group.  Horses require the commitment of work. Horses like humans have their own personalities while experiencing moods; therefore such personalities may differ between horse and human alike.  A horse can mirror human body. Horses foster responsibility, assertiveness, a worth ethic, healthy relationships and communication.  As horses at times can be known to be defiant or stubborn or even like to play, thus having fun. Because of the similarities between the horse and human, integrating the horse in sessions allows the horse to become a metaphor during treatment.  The horse provides honest communication.  This allows for learning opportunities and feedback for clients who are experiences life challenges.  Providing the horse in a treatment environment allows for immediate feedback for the treatment team to work together to assist the client with identifying life challenges and meet goals.

Breaking Free Therapies follows the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA) module and code of ethics.  Please watch the EAGALA Video providing an example of what an equine assisted psychotherapy session encompasses

Providing Access to Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Equine Assisted Learning

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