Sarina Rohrig, Equine Specialist, is an EAGALA certified Professional.  With over 4,500 members in 50 nations, EAGALA Certified Professionals help people change their lives by practicing the EAGALA Model: The Global Standard for Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Personal Development.  EAGALA Certified Professionals complete a rigorous training program, commit to evidence-based client solutions, utilize and extensive team approach and operate with a strong code of ethics.

Sarina has a lifetime experience with horses and appreciates the mind, heart, and soul of the horse.  Sarina assists her father, a disabled veteran and is a mother of a veteran; therefore, she finds value to serve those who have sacrificed and served for us and appreciates what the veteran may be experiencing while transitioning to civilian life.  Sarina has a heart for providing assistance with many community outreach efforts such as creating an awareness of the effects of human sex trafficking, and she feels it is important to help the lives of others effective by negative life traps or choices.  Sarina has further interest in supporting those, such as children and young women who are being assisted with services from nonprofits to better their lives. She is a Soroptimist, which is a “global volunteer organization working to improve the lives of women and girls through programs leading to social and economic empowerment.” As a mother of twins who participated in high school rodeo, and provided mentoring, she further came to appreciate how participants gained great confidence while working with horses to achieve their goals.  Sarina has had the opportunity to work with licensed physical therapists, occupational therapists, and therapeutic riding instructors to provide equine assistance to pediatric patients with autism, cancer, cerebral palsy, and other disabilities to witness how the integration of adding the horse to treatment assists in improving the patient, thus meeting treatment goals.  

Sarina believes that adding the horse to the treatment team of the mental health professional and equine specialist helps the patient to achieve mental wellness; data has reflected that there is great success in implementing equine assistance in therapy with greater time efficiency.  Research has shown that utilizing equine assistance and the metaphoric atmosphere creates a successful therapeutic setting (Froeschle, 2009). Therapists have concluded that adding equine assisted psychotherapy as a treatment method has a “positive impact on health and behavior (Abrams, 2013).” While working with those in community to assist with improving life skills and having a passion for the horse, Sarina wanted to offer an organization to those seeking services to achieve overall mental wellness.  In so doing, Breaking Free Therapies, Fusing the Love of Human and Horse was founded to offer equine assisted psychotherapy and equine assisted learning to help those “Break Free” of what may be holding them back.


Providing Access to Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Equine Assisted Learning

Nonprofit 501 (c) 3 Organization

Abrams, B. N. (2013). Exploring therapists' conceptions of equine Facilitated/Assisted psychotherapy for combat veterans experiencing posttraumatic stress disorder

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Sarina M.  Rohrig Founder 2015